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Outsource your eCommerce Operations

Is your business prepared to scale its operations in sync with the growing demands of the ecommerce industry?

Our Ecommerce support services will relieve you from the burden of operational tasks through a streamlined and notably cost-effective approach, allowing you to focus on your growth objectives.

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Unlock Your Ecommerce Potential with Our Expertise

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Hire The Best Team for Your Business

We have a team of experienced eCommerce managers and executives dedicated to execute diverse back-office operational responsibilities for our clients. Since 2018, we have been providing services to a diverse range of B2B enterprises, SMEs, retail outlets, eCommerce platforms, and eLearning providers in the UK, Australia, India, and the US.

Our array of eCommerce support services, covering catalog management, product data entry, customer support, CX enhancement, and product photo editing, empowers clients for substantial online business growth. With proficient market research, analysis, and technical support, we optimize online stores, driving optimal business results.

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Our Comprehensive eCommerce Support Services

AMC Support

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eCommerce AMC Support

Includes liaising with all the key stake holders, monitor and maintain the ecommerce platform, its contents, enhancements, marketing and regularly update senior stakeholders with analytic & tracking reports.

Pre Sales Support


Product Research & Planning:


Supplier Sourcing:


Seller Management:

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Catalog Management:


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Customer Support:



Post Sales Support


Post-Sales Support:


Tracking and Reports:

The Cognital Advantage

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Due to cheaper labor and operating costs, it is easy to manage offshore development teams.

  • Dedicated Point of Contact

    To facilitate seamless coordination between the operations team and the client, we designate a dedicated point of contact.

  • Data Security

    We operate within a framework that prioritizes data security and prevents any misuse of client data.

  • Accelerate Innovation

    We assist you in expediting the process of developing and marketing new products targeting niche market sections.

  • Content Specialist

    Responsible for all contents on the website with professional content writing experience.

  • Faster Time to Market

    Teams of offshore developers have plenty of expertise in finishing tasks on time.

  • Resource Flexibility

    We ease the need to scale your business up or down to meet demand fluctuations for varying business seasons

  • Latest Technologies

    Support you with instant and multilingual communication, remote support, data security, chatbots, AI, and voice assistants.

  • Competitive Advantage

    We manage all non-core business activities, freeing up your capacity for market expansion and competitive pursuits.

We cover leading platformssuch as

Our Recent Work


An Australian digital platform connecting individuals & businesses to plastic pollution solutions. It’s a world-first in bringing together eco-brands and business-to-business solutions, with the goal of eliminating plastic pollution.

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This brand has marked a new standard in wellness. Support is provided in the form of website updates, customer service, search engine optimization, post-sales support.

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